Find Us at An Event:

Due to these COVID 19 times, we are not offering and planning any tasting events. So when this is all over, we will be up and running to ensure that we are booked at our stores to offer a taster. In the meantime, stay home, healthy and safe!

At this moment, we are also working hard on creating cooking videos so that you can enjoy the various ideas you can use all our cooking sauces to cook everyday dishes at home! So please check out our #inthekitchen with Natalie Blog here

So it is a great time to explore cooking with our sauces during this brief #stayhome time. We will continue to ship within the day of receiving your orders so that you can have healthy and delicious Secret Sauces at your home. 


For the very near future:

If you do not find a tasting event close to you, or if you are a retailer looking to retail Secret Sauce, you may be able to organise one with us. Just reach out to us via info@secret-sauce.com or through our Contact Form.