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Wishing everyone a wonderful new start in 2022! Natalie at Secret Sauce, and Dina from SMIQQL will continue to work together and bring to your doorstep a combination of our handmade and high quality foodie products. We hope to continue nourishing your bellies with exciting and bursting flavours from our cooked-from-scratch sauces and mind-blowing flavoured flaky salts.  

If you don't already know us yet, please find a brief story from both of us below.  

Natalie at Secret Sauce, in Lachen SZ, has always been a foodie and will forever remain addicted to delicious food: ‘Seeing the world, tasting different flavours, traditional and all its combinations, will be what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life!’ The mission of Secret Sauce has always been to bring back all-natural flavours, without the use of any artificial flavourings, additives, preservatives and colourings, into a jar of readymade cooking sauce that cooks up ‘top notch’ restaurant meals. This makes using good quality ingredients with no inferior substitutes an imperative criterion. Having experienced a busy life juggling a family with 2 kids and a consuming corporate job, Natalie understands the challenge for everyone in the same position managing this 24h on the go job! Hence, being able to whip up quick, delicious, varied and healthy meals will definitely help anyone maximise LIFE. Natalie's range of cooking sauces and marinades boasts varied menu options and gifts the palate a vision of an exotic world, expanding flavourful horizons and introducing new taste journeys.

   Dina created SMIQQL, in Pfäffikon ZH, in need of a solution: she loves spicy flavours but her partner, Murat, wasn’t exactly on the same page. After years of sneaking some heat into meals, an ingenious plan was born: fusing deep flavours of nature’s best spices with the heat of Piri Piri chilis into the thinnest, crispiest flaky salt from Australia! SMIQQL’s first creation was ‘Critical Chili’ - a little sprinkle of it made every dish spicier, more flavourful and added an unforgettable crunch that just brought joy to every meal. A version without chili was created for Murat so that he too could also join in this culinary adventure! Adding just a sprinkle of SMIQQL to any dish right before the first bite quickly became so additive that the pair decided to have even more fun by creating more flavours together! Now, the SMIQQL range boasts 8 flavours, all complementing both savoury and sweet foods. They are curated into 2 separate collections of 4 spicy and 4 non-spicy organic flaky salts packaged in small, elegant glass vials; perfect for serving on the dinner table. SMIQQL was thus launched in 2020. Their mission is to allow everyone, sharing the same meal, to be able to individually have it as spicy, flavourful, crunchy and salty as they each prefer, through the magic of sprinkling their favourite SMIQQL directly on their own dishes. SMIQQL’s ‘Sprinkles of Joy’ aims to transform and elevate the taste of any dish served.

We have created and curated the following sets for you to begin your journey into discovering new flavours or for you to gift valued friends, family and co-workers for whatever reason you deem fit. 

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