Tomato Curry Sauce - Alternative Ideas to Everyday Dishes

Please see our video below how we can prepare Tomato Curry Crème Fraîche Spätzle. 


You don't have to always cook curries with Secret Sauce curry sauces. Our sauces are full of flavour and therefore very versatile to use in cooking all types of dishes. Please find in our video below how you can use Tomato Curry Sauce in everyday pasta, Spätzle (German pasta) or Knöpfli (Swiss pasta) dishes.

Bear in mind that  Crème Fraîche can be easily replaced with double cream, mascarpone or ricotta cheese. If using cream, you'll need to add a thickener otherwise the sauce will be too runny. You can also replace Spätzle with any type of pasta or noodles. Lastly, try this same recipe with other Secret Sauce curries, Tikka or Tamarind, and decide on a favourite!