Instructional Cooking Video: Stir Fry Turkey and Mixed Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce

Dear Secret Sauce fans,

I hope that you are all doing well through this pandemic that has put the world to an almost stop. Many of us can finally take some time off from our busy schedules and slow down. However, I understand that for some others, it may have become more hectic and stressful instead. For us in the Secret Sauce household, we were able to spend more time together and there was no longer a need to rush anywhere everytime. Here in 🇨🇭 life has almost gotten back to normal now but I understand that most of the world hasn't yet done so. So stay strong 💪!

Eating well and deliciously for all of us is a must. During this time, I've heard many people are getting bored with the usual repertoire of food on the table as now they have to make at least 3 meals a day at home. Being able to expand meal variety is extremely important, it helps keep cooking interesting and tastebuds tingled. So adding the Secret Sauce variety to daily meals will definitely widen the choice for all families.

So below you will find links to our instructional Cooking Video on Teriyaki Sauce. We are cooking Stir Fry Turkey and Mixed Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce. There's one only in English and the other, there's German subtitles instead. The amount presented in the video is good for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids, plus rice or noodles. Stir Fry is also a quick and healthy option but always an option of great variety as you can put any mix and amount of meat/fish/seafood and vegetables together. The flavours may change slightly depending on the type of ingredients you decide to cook with as the food chemistry then changes. Which in itself gives the dish vareity on its own.

Quite often during our tastings, many asked how can one get crisp vegetables when making a stir fry. Well, the main tricks in a successful stir fry are: high heat, all ingredients are ready to use immediately, full attention, and thickening (if you choose to do so). It also must be served immediately and can't be lying around as the vegetables will start wilting... in a manner of speech.

In the Western world, the cooking heat is often not high enough as it is not a characteristics of Western cooking. The Chinese kitchen is very different from the Western kitchen. Even majority of us Chinese, do not have those conditions found in restaurants at home. In the Chinese world of cooking, in all good Chinese restaurants, they employ the use of wok burners (aka a gas burner), iron woks and powerful extractors. So the heat used is extremely high🔥🔥. This is difficult to replicate at home, specially when there are less and less main gas outlets available in modern homes. In addition, the home gas burners do not heat to the same temperatures as well. I have met so many great Chinese chefs who do not cook at home due to these reasons. So the best we can do is learn how to cook comfortably at the highest heat obtainable at home. The more we do it, the easier it gets. However, if you have gas cookers at home, there may be possibilities to make a DIY to create better stir fry conditions! I've seen some videos and read some blogs on it. Unfortunately I live in an area that doesn't have gas mains so unless I set up an external kitchen in my backyard, it will still be a dream to achieve it. Besides, I really don't want to get in trouble with the local authorities 😅or burn the grass off my backyard while learning to manage the fire.... 😱!

During this time, I have finally learnt how to 🎥 cooking videos, navigate YouTube and spent countless hours learning to edit 🎬and subtitle films 🎞, and finally recording a proper voiceover 🎤! I have spent days on end making multiple videos (now discarded as they weren't really of good quality), repeating the same words and deleting them over and over again! Finally, light at the end of the tunnel. I've even grown to be ok to listening to my own voice!!!

The main purpose of 'Secret Sauce instructional videos' is for all of you and others to be able to learn how to use our sauces easily and have a reference guide each time you want to refresh your memory.

Then the purpose of our other section 'Secret Sauce Inspirtational Videos' is to give you other ideas on how you can use our sauces in other daily recipes to add to variety in flavours.

I sincerely hope that you will find them useful and entertaining. I might be trying different ideas on how to record and edit new videos and I welcome your ideas on the subject matter of our cooking videos.

I wish you a good summer ahead and hopefully be free to roam, time to relax and free yourself from the stress this lockdown has brought to you.

Be and stay #lostinflavour with Secret Sauce.

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